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Thoughts on rumor of Iman Shumpert for Kenneth Faried

This week I decided to fire up NBA 2k13 (I can’t afford 2k14, gimme a break) for the first time in a while. I figured if the Knicks were doing so poorly in real life, I could at least start the Association Mode and make them a contender. One of the first moves I made was trading Iman Shumpert for Kenneth Faried.

About a day later, trade rumors began swirling around Shumpert and Faried.

Either I’m psychic or this is a total coincidence, but I won’t pass up the opportunity to toot my own horn.

So why do the Knicks feel compelled to make a move? Let’s examine their season so far. Read More…


Why not Jason Collins? I’ll tell you.

Today I went on a mini-rant on Twitter to vent some of my frustrations regarding the Jason Collins-New York Knicks connection. Yes, the Knicks could use a big man after losing Tyson Chandler for 4-6 weeks to a broken leg. However, the Knicks decided to pass on Collins, and have reached out to other big men. One rumored interest is Lou Amundson, who the team looked at last year before bringing in Kenyon Martin.

But for some, this is more than the Knicks passing on a free agent. Why? Because Jason Collins, after coming out at the end of last season, hasn’t received much interest from NBA teams–besides working out for the Pistons this summer–since he told the world he is gay.

At first glance, one almost has to assume that the reason no team has brought Collins on board is because he is gay. But to me, there’s something incredibly wrong with that thinking.

Read More…

Knicks unveil new orange alternates

Carmelo Anthony unveiled to the world Friday what Knicks fans have been anticipating since mid-summer: The Knicks new orange alternate uniforms. Iman Shumpert was the first to “hint” at the new jerseys after posting a picture of himself wearing the new threads on his Instagram account. The “leaked” image sent Knicks and basketball fans everywhere into a frenzy: are these orange jerseys the real deal?

Four months later, and after teasing fans all week, the Knicks have made it official. Read More…

ESPN: Melo is No. 15 in NBA

As part of their 2013 NBA Player Rankings, ESPN has placed Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony at No. 15. That is, he is the 15th-best player in the National Basketball Association. As in there are 14 players better than him in the entire league.

Gimme a break.

Now I’ve been a Melo fan for a long time, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but you’d have a hard time convincing me there are 14 players better than him in the league. At the very least, Melo deserves a top-10 ranking. Some may even argue top-5, but I think somewhere in between is more appropriate. Read More…

Melo: ‘I want to be a free agent’

A story from The New York Observer broke Tuesday night in which Carmelo Anthony claimed that he “want[s] to be a free agent.” After hearing and reading about Melo dodging questions regarding the inevitable—his possibly free agency in the summer of 2014—many Knicks fans were cast into heartbreak and disbelief.

Calm down, New Yorkers: Melo isn’t going anywhere.

Now do I know that for sure? Admittedly, no, I do not. However, it’s hard to look at everything Melo says regarding free agency and not see it is as strictly business. Read More…