About Me

My name is Anthony Hartmann. I currently reside in Morris, N.Y. Never heard of the place? Most people haven’t, so don’t feel bad.

I am a journalism major at The College at Brockport which is located in–you guessed it–Brockport, N.Y. I also have a minor in English.

In order to (barely) pay my bills, I work part-time as a supervisor at a local grocery store when in my hometown and at a dining hall on campus while at school.


But that’s not how I prefer to be known. First and foremost, I am a sports fan.

I bleed blue.

I’m no bandwagon fan. I am true blue. It’s also a wonderful coincidence that the teams I love most are in fact “blue.” While I support all most New York sports teams, I have grown particularly fond of the New York Football Giants and the New York Knickerbockers during my life. Because of this, the majority of this blog will be dedicated to those teams.

On the contrary, you’re unlikely to find much–if any–material related to the New York Jets, Mets, Nets, or any other New York team ending in “-ets.” I apologize to fans of those teams; I hope you understand it’s nothing personal. It’s just sports.

So that’s about it. I’m Anthony. Let’s talk about some sports.





One response to “About Me”

  1. Charles Hartmann says :

    Can’t wait week 1 giant’s @cowboys

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